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Monday November 29th 2021


Mitsukoshi Etoile

Mitsukoshi Etoile

Vocation of the MITSUKOSHI-ETOILE Art Gallery
The MITSUKOSHI-ETOILE Art Gallery opened in June 1992, in order to favor cultural exchanges between Japan and France, while integrating a European dimension, willing to strengthen mutual comprehension between nations. It organizes expositions of famous Japanese and French (or European) artists: Hirayama Ikuo Exposition, Brasilier Exposition, etc.

History of the place

The building in which the MITSUKOSHI-ETOILE Art Gallery is was built in the 1860s: it is one of the 12 hotels called as Maréchaux hotels, built under Napoleon the 3rd in order to outline the radiating form of the 12 avenues starting at the Arce de Triomphe, as wanted by Napoleon the 1st, using lands sold to finance a fund to honor the families of the 12 Maréchaux of France (Maréchal is the highest military rank in France) which contributed to the glory of France thanks to their military exploits during the Second Empire. The building has 6 floors, including 1 basement related site.

3 Rue de Tilsitt 75008 Paris, France
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Business hours
Every day except Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 6 pm.
Closed on the 31st of December and the 1st of January.

Station:Charles de Gaulle Etoile
Metro lines 1 2 6